Manager's Corner

I want to thank the MANY members who have helped Laura and I, not only this past winter, but who continue to assist us and the Work Campers. I appreciate all of you!! This has been the summer of clean up. We continue to rake, blow, shovel and haul our way to a more beautiful park. If you haven't heard, our "new" Assistant Managers, Victor & Cathy resigned the 18th of May. With rotation of other Work Campers, the Board has selected Jason Corbin & Jessi Fernandez as the new couple to take over these duties. Laura and I couldn't be happier.

We have had some Work Campers leave on account of emergencies so let's wish them well and a speedy recovery.

A reminder of Operating Rule OR-03-19 VII A, "All tarps must be removed by the third Sunday of June. When reading this rule, it authorizes me, "Park Manager" to work with the member to make arrangements for removal on an individual basis. Please let me know by phone or email and we will work this out. If I don't hear from ya'll, I'll be sending out a form letter asking you to please remove.  

The pool is doing great, the grass is a pretty green, R/S-Loop Comfort Station septics are finished, H-Loop is next with E-Loop on deck. New Camera Security system is installed at the office so beware, you're on video! Also, Camera Security System is ordered for the Lodge and will be installed soon.

Trees! We are on round 4 of trees and widow-makers being removed from the Park. On Monday, August 7th, Bushwackers will begin the next round. Thanks everyone for your patience regarding the trees. Truckee has been very busy with the tree service companies and Bushwackers has been very loyal with us.

I want to mention our award from the city of Truckee Better Business Association. We received, "Top Non-Profit Association of Truckee". The crystal statue is placed in the office and the plaque is displayed at the Lodge. This award was voted on by the greater businesses of Truckee and we won not only for our great business operation, but also for our rich history of doing great business with local shops! This award is for everyone that has worked prior to Laura and I and shows the participation of Tahoe Timber Trails with the local communities. Please come by and look at your award. It's quite nice.

​I am looking forward to the upcoming Labor Day festivities and again, Laura and I want to thank you for your tireless support.

Thank you,
Robert Hyde, Park Manager