Manager's Corner

I want to thank the MANY members who have helped Laura and I in our Sophomore year here at Tahoe Timber Trails! The support of the Association and the Board have been tremendously helpful in our acclimation to your park! As most of you know, I have learned many things this summer, some not warranted, some needed and some thrusted upon me! All is good! It will make me a better Manager and I won’t soon forget these lessons.

Laura and I are looking forward to our Junior year here at your park and the new challenges that I am sure 2017 will bring! As we close 2016, we have many projects still active; replacing loop valves, fixing leaking pipes, closing the Comfort Stations, cutting trees, sprinklers, pool house, etc.., these projects will keep us busy this month.

The 2017 will bring us all new challenges and commitments. We have some returning WorkCampers. The winter months will afford the new Assistants to become acquainted with the park and its rules. July, Laura will interview for her U.S. citizenship, and hopefully, will become final. This and some final personal preparation will let us know if we are returning for 2018.

As always, Laura and I want to thank all of you for your support, assistance and friendship, as we share in this adventure at Tahoe Timber Trails.

Thank you,
Robert Hyde, Park Manager