Manager's Corner

Summers over!
Tahoe Timber Trails “2017 Summer of Clean-up” is over!!! We have had a lot of problems with water and a lot more with pinecones and needles! I want to thank all the work campers this year: Ron & Dawn, Kirby & Linda, Don & Sue, Joe & Michell & Sarah, Scott & Mary, Merlin, Christi, Phil & Bev! Without their assistance we could not have kept going!
Let’s talk about a few things going on in the Park:
Of course, we have the new Asst. Managers, Jason & Jesse. We all are in their debt for stepping up and accepting the position in times of transition. They have and are indispensable.
We have started and are close to finishing “E” Comfort Station. Working on the valve at entrance to “P” loop. In the middle of completing the “O” loop culvert. The pool is closed and buttoned up for the winter.
We have started to close a couple of Comfort Stations; W, T, & A. We have some leaks/work to do in these and they dictate the order we choose to close. The weather forecast will also dictate how/when we close the other Comfort Stations.
I have to add a special section here in regards to the Manager’s house. Joe & Rico Bigotti, Dan Burke, Steve Mayfield, Art Smith, Phil Haight were truly dedicated to the successful completion of this remodel. It looks FANTASTIC!!! Laura & I are eternally grateful! I want to thank the Board and each member of Tahoe Timber Trails for these living quarters. Laura and I will maintain the high standards that the above names built.
We have started the winter maintenance of the Golf Carts (batteries, tires, etc.,). The third weekend will start the oil changes and battery removal of the Dually, Honey Wagon and Security truck.
We are starting the winter equipment; Snow Cat, Snowmobiles and ATV.
We have purchased a new Honey wagon so when the park opens in May 2018, you will see a more reliable one.
Snow Removal
We have a new Snow Removal team, Erik & Nicole Henry. I have their business cards in the lobby of the office. I hope everyone has signed up that is interested. If not, here is their number for emergency: 530-320-2323 or 530-582-9104. This couple lives very close to the Park.
Needles and Cones
Don’t forget the new contract with Abel Landscaping. Plan early for Cones & Needles removal. We will have more information in the next couple of Newsletters.

Laura and I are now in our senior (last) year at TTT and we are looking forward to our last year in PARADISE!!! It is sad for us as well as exciting to look forward. We have lifelong memories here and this year will present more! We will always be grateful for this opportunity to SERVE the members of Tahoe Timber Trails. I am humbled that TTT afforded my wife and I the chance to spend our honeymoon and first four years of our marriage here. —Thank you…

Thank you,
Robert Hyde, Park Manager