Manager's Corner

Winters almost over! This has been one heckuva winter! As I write this, March 16, 2017, it’s snowing and we still have 5 feet of snow.  All TTT roads are covered. I have confirmed all our Work Campers for the season (providing the snow doesn’t scare them off), Ron & Dawn (CA, AZ), Kirby and Linda (OR) are returning, gluttons for punishment. New arrivals are Jason & Jessica (CA), Don & Sue (NV), Brian & Mary (IN, TX), Merlin (CA). Of course, we have the new Asst Mngr: Victor & Kathy (AK). Looks like a great crew!

Currently, I cannot give you an overall assessment of the park as its still under snow, but I can say, we have taken pictures (many) not only of the snow fall, but on three damaged trailers so far. If you haven’t received any phone calls and/or pictures of your RV’s, you are ok! We will keep you posted as the snow melts.

Let’s talk about opening day, Monday, May 15, 2017. I am sure we are going to get some grumblings about wanting to arrive on the 13th & 14th of May. The park will not be open for overnight camping until midnight of the 14th, just like last year. It’s just the inconvenience of the month. We are of course letting in early arrivals that will assist with their loop clean-up (need all the help I can get!). Let the ladies in the office know your plans.

I have quite a few trees/branches down throughout the park. We have moved/cut some but many more remain. As the weather allows, we will be clearing all of the debris. We had terrible "runoff" this winter and I noticed a lot of DG/Irrigation rock, Pea gravel erosion. We are sweeping/cleaning this up as well.

​          NOTE: I just received an update on propane tanks. Cylinders must be re-qualified           within 10 years of manufacture. Re-qualification date is good for 5 years. If             
          there is not a letter with date, is good for 10 yrs., with a “S” 10 yrs., with a “E”                             5 yrs.

By the time ya’ll get this we will have all the vehicles serviced and batteries installed. Hopefully everything “survived” the snow!

I want to thank all the members for their advice and assistance while Laura and I have been here. It is greatly appreciated! We will continue to strive to be the best management team working for you!

Thank you,
Robert Hyde, Park Manager