Manager's Corner

Friendly reminders, Heads up!

HAPPY 2018 Camping Season! I hope ya’ll are ready for a fantastic season! The Park is open on a Tuesday this year, I know that’s terribly inconvenient, but remember you can volunteer to come into the park two nights early if ya help me with your loop clean-up or Comfort Station. Give the ladies (Laura or Jessi) a call and they will fill out a form for your request and tell them what you would like to volunteer to do. I will work with you. As with every new year comes new ideas and challenges. The Board of Directors and the management staff are working together to bring updates, fixes, and ideas to make your Park more enjoyable and comfortable. If you are interested in sharing some of your ideas please don’t hesitate to stop by the Office or give us a call!

Maintenance: Jason & I are working with Steve (Water), Art (Vehicles), & Mike (Fire & Safety) to update our system of operation to streamline and make more cohesive.

Improvements: There are new signage, road patches, culverts that we finished. You will notice when you arrive for opening of the 2018 season! Joe & Ricco have completed the Managers residence as well as the grounds around the property...and it looks FANTASTIC! (thank you Bigotti Bros) Jason & I are working to get the new Honey-wagon set up (done), hauling out old culverts, asphalt, trash and general upkeep. We have a new Board of Director/Current Event sign as you come into the Park (thanks Jason) and a few more surprises you might notice. Stop by the office or flag me down and let me know what you think!

More Reminders: Don’t forget about the new needle contract. Watch your speed in park. A lot more children playing. Be careful of the speed bumps, they took a beating with the backhoe and snow plow this past winter. We will be fixing/painting them as weather allows. Let the Office know about any appointments you make with a contractor, etc. Pick up after your pets! Members are walking the same trail as you & your pets. They don’t clean up after you and I don’t want to anymore!

Gratitude: I also want to express my appreciation to Jason & Jessi, Members, and the Board of Directors for the opportunity to manage YOUR park! Laura and I cherish every moment we are here! It’s a privilege.

Robert Wm. Hyde,
Park Manager