Once a Member decides to make improvements to their campsite, the next question is how?  

    Site improvements can be fairly easy when Members follow the basic rules.

    Plan your project and measure where on your site it will be located

    Complete a Site Improvement FM-03-01 request giving details of your project

        Include a diagram 
        Exact size and color (if applicable)
        Describe the project and the location on the site
        Indicate who will be doing the work (you or a contractor)
        The office has site maps to give out – you can draw in the location of the project

    Turn in the Site Improvement request to the office for the Rules & Design Committee to inspect and approve 

    Do not begin until you receive written approval to do so.

    Allow a couple of weeks for the committee to visit your site and approve the project 

    Occasionally projects are denied due to a violation on the site or if the project violates the Bylaws.

        A letter explaining approval or denial will be sent to you.
        If there is a denial often it can be resolved, and the committee will try to suggest options

    When the project is completed, contact the office again for a final inspection by the Rules and Design Committee 

- - -

    Basic requests are shown on this page. Some improvements are more involved and may require Nevada County     permits. Permits may cause the county to reassess the site value for tax purposes. 

    The forms and diagrams are available on this page.
    Remember generators can only be used up to 3 hours per day after 9 am. Delivery of material needs to be     coordinated with the office.