50 Years of Volunteering

    Members volunteering at TTT throughout  these 50 years is the reason we have this beautiful park today.    If not for the     dedicated and selfless volunteers the amenities we enjoy would not exist.  So many have served on the Board of Directors or     one of the many committees including fundraising events to save on Dues and provide entertainment for the membership.      Those skilled in the trades have organized crews to repair or build on these 159 acres.  Often bringing their own heavy     equipment at their own expense to ensure the work was done safely and in a timely manner.  As we mark our 50th Anniversary,     it wouldn't be possible without the help of our members, they are the life blood of this park.  Our sincere thanks to all of you past     and present for everything you have done.

    Take a look at the various projects completed over the years.  Everyone's help is needed going forward to continue the tradition     and keep TTT going another fifty years!