Access to TTT November 1 – May 14 is available 9am – 4pm only. No services are available and overnight stays are not permitted. Please remember guests are not permitted and members must sign in and out at the Office. Call the office at (530) 587-4023 before you arrive.

During the winter season, members may snowshoe, ski, snowmobile or walk to their sites for the purpose of removing snow from their RV or inspecting their site. Recreational use of snowmobiles is prohibited – snowmobiles must always remain on TTT roads to prevent damage to Association and member property. Damages to property may result in fines, penalties and/or cost of repairs. No non-park vehicle, except snowmobiles may be used on Park roads.

As a seasonal campground, TTT roads are inaccessible during the winter as the Association does not need, nor have, the proper equipment to plow the roads. Depending on snow accumulation and weather conditions, the management team will move snow to allow access for them to perform their winter responsibilities such as security checks throughout the campground, Association property inspections, access to the shop, the Office, and their residences. Management will also assist the vendor who removes snow from temporary roofs gain access to your sites and create some parking areas for members who want to access their sites for day inspections.

Please Note: The Office, Gate and entire Campground will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day so that our management may enjoy the holidays.