16021 Hobart Mills Road, Truckee, CA 96161
Office: (530) 587-4023 - Fax: (530) 587-5538
 Email: office@tttrails.com 

Notice to the Members from your maintenance staff: Please do not throw garbage from your site into the comfort station trash cans. 
This is a Campground, not resort living. Water is a convenience other than for Fire & Safety. Water conservation is a priority and especially on holiday weekends. Water is provided from wells and the system cannot keep up  with wasteful usage. Please do not wash vehicles or water plants.  Report water leaks to the office. Please disconnect water to your site when leaving the park.

* * *


Winter Hours 9 am to 4 pm daily

All Members must sign in  and out at the office if you visit your site.

Snow and icy conditions prevent any vehicle travel to sites
Members will need to park by the Office 

No overnight stays, fires, or construction allowed.
Guests are not permitted Nov. 1st through May 14th.
No services - bathroom available at the office. 

* * *

All dogs must be restrained by leash, tether, or be in an enclosure during their visit to TTT. California law limits the time for tethering, fastening, chaining, tie or restrain a dog to a dog house/stationery object for no more than three hours in a 24 hour period. They must have access to food, water and shelter. Dogs are not permitted in or around special events at Harris Hall or Bill's Place.
​Generator use is limited to 3 hours per day.

To The Members of Tahoe Timber Trails:

The Nevada County Assessor sent out forms to new Members that acquired their membership interest in 2018 this past week. The notices address the County’s intent to impose separate real property tax assessments for those membership (stock) interests. Our attorneys have conferred with the Assessor on this issue, but were not made aware of the Assessor’s plans for this mailing at this time. The Assessor had indicated plans to send these notices later in the year. Unfortunately, the Assessor sent these notices to newer Members before the Board had the opportunity to update the entire membership as to these issues.

At the July 21, 2018, Board meeting, the Board shared with the Members Nevada County’s plans to assess each site for property taxes as a result of Assembly Bill 420 dated 
January 1, 2008. The law allows Nevada County to assess these membership (stock) interests as if they were real property at the rate of 1% (plus any applicable special district or other taxes applicable in the jurisdiction for real property). Very little information was known at that time as to how this transition would be handled. We expected to finalize plans for addressing this issue at the May 18, 2019, meeting this season, after which time we would inform the Members of the Board’s decision.

Per our attorney’s recommendation in light of the recent Nevada County notices, the Board will hold a Board meeting in the near future to approve the next steps to be taken by the Association and Members will be notified of the results of that meeting.

Members receiving these forms may complete the sections that apply and return them within the stated time limit given to avoid any penalties. Any questions should be directed to the Nevada County Assessor’s office or an attorney.