Annual Site Clean-up—June 16

The Members below have offered their services for help with your site clean-up or other work. Please negotiate and discuss the scope of work to be performed directly with those listed below.  Tahoe Timber Trails Association, management and the Board do not endorse,  any services. Members are solely responsible for ensuring all clean-up requirements have been met as listed on FM-03-10.

If you would like your name listed as a provider of these services, or others such as solar, RV repair, or other site improvement work, please inform the Office.

Jim & Cindy Branch, (949) 874-5003, Site Raking and Hauling

Perry Waldman, (949) 973-0052,,Site Raking and Hauling,Tree Removal, Pruning

Rick & Norma Vasquez, (559) 361-1841., Site Raking and Hauling

Nick & Ashley Chindamo, (530) 608-2788, , Site Raking and Hauling

Craig Hansen, (360) 269-4121,, Site Raking and Hauling, Material Deliveries, Tractor, Trailer Moving, Site Repairs, Carpentry