Memberships for Sale

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and unique campgrounds in the West. Tahoe Timber Trails is designed as a family-friendly seasonal campground. While some Members stay full-time during the season, the campground is not designed to support full-time housing for area residents. Our sites remain in their primitive state with no electricity or sewer, and water is supplied by hydrants via deep water pumps. Members are responsible for maintaining their campsites, removing pine needles, dead brush, or trees, and supporting defensible space guidelines. Volunteering is encouraged and the foundation of social activities and many improvements within the campground. Our staff and Board of Directors will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Prospective buyers are allowed entry into Tahoe Timber Trails once an appointment has been made with the office. Interested parties must sign in, will be provided a vehicle tag which must be returned prior to exiting, and have one hour to tour the campground. All Membership campsites are restricted to viewing from the road unless the Member states it is ok to walk the site. Prior to completion of the sale, all prospective Members must submit an application to the office, complete a background check and attend the new Member orientation. Call the office at (530) 587-4023 between the hours of 9am and 4pm to schedule your visit.

Know Before You Buy

Contributions, dues assessments and Member Reimbursed Services (MRS) fees are not tax-deductible. Tahoe Timber Trails Association incorporated in 1970 as a Mutual Benefit Corporation granted non-profit status as a 501(c)(7) social club. This status provides some tax relief and allows fundraising revenue to be used for the benefit of improvements and activities within the campground.

You are purchasing a Membership, not the land. Ownership of the Corporation is held by 553 individual Member sites with each representing one voting share (one vote per site). As a Member you have access to common areas and amenities, park activities and events, and exclusive unlimited use of your campsite to design your own experience. All improvements must be pre-approved and follow guidelines adopted by the Association.

Membership sales are transacted between Members (not the Association). Prior to completion of the sale, all prospective Members must submit an application to the office, complete a background check and attend the new Member orientation.

Nevada County assesses each Membership. Each Membership campsite is assessed by Nevada County at the time of ownership transfer. TTT management is not involved in this process nor determination of the tax amount.

Motorcycles, motorbikes, ATV/UTVs and similar type units such as gas-powered golf carts are prohibited. They may be stored on your site on a trailer or in the designated area at the entrance. Electric golf carts and ebikes are permitted.

Guests and Family

You may register family and friends as guests to utilize and enjoy your Membership with you. Guests may stay unaccompanied for a maximum of 2 weeks and will be asked to sign in/out at the office. No more than 4 units used for sleeping, cooking, or dining are permitted on a site. RVs are limited to 2 per site – no overflow parking is allowed, and they must be a minimum of 8 feet apart. Renting or accepting payment of any kind for the use of your Membership is not permitted and will result in steep fines or Membership restrictions.